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Ski waxing is a crucial aspect of ski maintenance that involves applying wax to the base of your skis to optimize performance.

Strone grinding

Stone grinding is a specialized technique that refines the base of your  skis, ensuring a smooth and uniform surface that enhances glide,  control, and overall skiing performance.

Ski Picking

Ski picking is a personalized consultation process where our  knowledgeable staff work closely with you to identify the ideal skis  based on your unique needs and requirements.

Ski Analysis

Ski analysis is a comprehensive assessment process where our experienced  staff work closely with you to understand your skiing goals, strengths,  and areas for improvement.


Ski repair involves addressing any damage or issues with your skis to restore their performance, safety, and aesthetics.

Custom Boots Fitting

Boot fitting is a specialized process that involves customizing ski  boots to fit your feet perfectly. Our experienced boot fitters will  assess your foot shape, size, and biomechanics to recommend and adjust  boots that provide optimal comfort and performance on the slopes.