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360 Base Cleaner 80 ml

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360 Base Cleaner 80 ml
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Skiers perhaps more than most people care about the environment, and there’s growing concern about the use of ski care and wax products. Industry response has been to offer products called “natural”, but natural doesn’t always mean good performance. Vauhti took another response, that of ensuring that product would perform well for ski care and glide – after all, the chemists at Vauhti make world cup level glide waxes – but also addressing all aspects of care and glide products from packaging to production. It is worth knowing that before the advent of bio-based ski glide waxes, Vauhti for years compensated the carbon used in content and production of ski wax.

Development work of new Vauhti 360 series is based on two fundamental pillars: (1) passion to create innovative and functional ski waxes and (2) respect of nature and sustainable values. Majority of the raw materials used in the products are from natural recourses. Vauhti did not focus development work only to raw materials of waxes and set an ambitious goal that the packaging materials of the 360 series are from natural resources. More than 90% of the composition of the final product from natural based materials. 360°-bottles are made of bioplastic instead of petroleum-based plastics. Sugar cane-based plastic is used in the bottles. Kits are packaged in jute bags. Ingredients to waxes and maintenance products are coming from vegetal resources. Rice, corn and sugarcane form the base of waxes and the solvent is bio-ethanol. Environmental footprint of natural based materials is lower than petroleum-based since while growing those capture CO2. Those are renewable since they regenerate quickly.

We hope that Vauhti’s new environmentally friendly 360 product range will offer the skier unique emotional experiences in nature on ski tracks, slopes, and mountains. Pure nature is full of joy. Let us nurture and respect it so it also gives us its share now and in the future.

  • Cleaning agent for ski bases
  • Solvent is less aggressive than other base cleaners, and can be used to clean skin inserts
  • 80ml bottle with sponge applicator