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HS Liquid 4.2oz

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HS Liquid 4.2oz
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HS06L BLUE -4°C TO -12°C (25°F TO 10°F).

HS6L is specially developed for colder conditions, down to minus 12°C (10°F). Below this point, liquids are generally outperformed by traditional paraffin waxes. TS06L is a versatile wax that works in all snow conditions but performs at its best when the humidity is high. *Replaces CH6XL.

HS07L VIOLET -2°C TO -8°C (28°F TO 18°F)

HS7L performs at its best when typical winter conditions are below the freezing point. Can handle various snow conditions and are not humidity sensitive. A safe choice that rarely underperforms within its core area of use. *Replaces CH7XL.

HS08L RED -4°C TO +4°C (25°F TO 39°F).

HS8L is an extremely versatile wax on both sides of the freezing point with exceptional feedback from the racing circuit. It performs in older snow below freezing, new falling snow above and everything in between, basically a must-have in typical winter conditions. *Replaces CH8XL.

HS10L YELLOW 0°C TO +10°C (32°F TO 50°F).

HS10L is developed for very wet conditions when the snow has turned transformed. It is ideal for spring skiing when the dirt content is typically high, as it collects less pollution from the snow than comparable paraffin waxes. A great choice in warm weather that never underperforms. *Replaces CH10XL.