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Regular Hot Waxing


Glide cleaning liquid and 1 layer of the wax du jour applied to your skis. Ideal for training, recreation, and maintenance.

Hot Box (Deep Wax)


Our Basic Hot Box treatment utilizes a soft wax that deeply penetrates and bonds to your ski base material, minimizing hand work required. Best suited for new or freshly ground skis.

Base Hardening


Application of a hard wax layer using a low iron temperature to condition the base for use with hard waxes. Recommended after stone grinding to enhance durability and speed for future wax applications.

Race Wax


Glide cleaning liquid and 2-3 layers of racing caliber glide waxes tailored to the conditions of your upcoming race, ideal for races of 30k or less.

Race Marathon Wax


Includes everything in the Race Wax service, plus additional layers of glide waxes, non-fluor powders, and/or top-coats for enhanced durability and speed. Perfect for longer races, leaving your waxing worries behind.

Prep Wax


Specifically for new skis, 3 coats of hard wax are applied to harden their bases, preparing them for optimal performance and longevity.